Amelia Kraemer


Amelia is an abstract artist inspired by organic shapes and harmonious colours. Encaustic wax gives her the ability to build layers of colour and scrape back to reveal the random patterns present in the intuitive gestures of the paintbrush. In some cases, she may add a final tinted transparent layer revealing hints of the colours beneath. She plays with opacity and transparency in acrylic as well. It allows her to build up layers in compositions based on abstracted landscapes.

While painting she comes in and out of focus on the music she’s listening to, then the physical act of painting itself, then the music, then the painting and this back-and-forth dance continues. Music is integral to her process. Her paintings become soulless if there is no music. Generally, she names her paintings after parts of song lyrics that evoke the emotion felt when caught in the middle of laying down stoke after stroke of the brush or brayer.

Elora Centre for the Arts, 75 Melville Street, Elora, Ontario | http://www.ameliakraemer.com

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