Grayce  Perry


Grayce Perry loves to play with a variety of materials to create unique mixed media pieces.  In recent years she has favoured Japanese papers and inks to create sophisticated contemporary collage pieces.  A fascination with the mystery and complexity of human nature is the common thread that runs through her work. Grayce’s strength lies in her power to create images that evoke an emotional response. Viewers recognize their own memories and experiences, strength, vulnerability, struggle and hope.

Grayce’s work deserves to be examined closely. Although sometimes appearing simple the pieces are unexpectedly complex and symbolic. Her most recent series “2020” represents the social “bubbles” we are all now so familiar with. “Emerging” signifies hope for a brighter tomorrow as we cautiously emerge from our various pandemic restrictions.

60-64 Colbourne Street , Elora, Ontario  |  www.grayceperry.com

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