Jane Bowen


“My artistic range includes colourful paintings, in addition to assemblage compositions where found objects are incorporated as design elements into sculptural pieces (including an assemblage-inspired public art installation in 2021 in Brantford, Ontario’s newly renovated City Hall).

My current work is influenced by my time at an art residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier this year. It is inspired by details found in nature’s colours and forms. These new acrylic paintings on linen are presented as wall hangings possessing a story-like quality and replicate vintage educational banners, reminiscent of the pre-digital age.

Attending art residencies has been an enriching opportunity to experience new environments which have become an additional source of inspiration and present influences which allow my work to evolve further. Primarily self-taught, my artwork draws from surroundings of daily life, and familial connections, evoking thoughtful contemplation”.

185 Forfar St. E., Fergus, Ontario  |  janebowen.ca

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