Jane Burgess


When I am in my studio creating I am present with myself. I am IN love and looking after myself. I am feeding and nurturing who I am and giving that person a voice, an image, a way out. Making art feels like I am writing in my journal or meditating. It feels like a constant opening of new space. Creating is very much a process of connecting with what is inside me. Listening to this and respecting this feels magical. In this space there are no rules and no expectations except to show up for what is inside me. My arm, my brush, my medium are like words of truth and love. It can sometimes feel painful but it is always the truth. There is no right and wrong. Doing the right thing with the right intention cannot have a right or wrong attached to it.

The medium I choose to work with most often is Encaustic. This is a mixture of beeswax, a resin and oil paint for pigment. Often I put wax on top of my oil or acrylic paintings. The beeswax is incredibly interactive in that I feel it is offering input as I move it around a piece. We have conversations about where we want to go. This feels like part of the listening in this process.

As well as being driven by my soul my art is also inspired by nature in my color, shape and texture choices. The smell texture and warmth of this medium offer endless pleasure to the senses. I invite you to touch it and smell it. How grateful I am to be able to hear, see, feel and touch what is inside me through this process.

46 Unit 24B 75 Melville St, Elora, Ontario  

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