Judy French


I have been “artistic” most of my life but got lost for awhile, doing other things.  Then, in 2002, my Mom died.  She had always wanted me to “take a stab at it” so I decided to work at becoming an artist. Many instructors followed, among them Jack Reid, Barry McCarthy, Jean Pederson, Brian Atyeo and Peter Fiore.  I worked in watercolour, acrylic, soft pastel and oil and always, always there was the joy of opening my palette or box and seeing and smelling all those lovely colours.

I still work in these other media but presently, my work is in oil.  I have always been an outdoor person so most of my paintings start in the landscape.  There, time stands still as I try to paint the colour of the wind, the feel of the hot sun and the scent of the grass, soil and leaves. These small plein air studies are then carried like treasure to my Elora Studio in the house I share with my husband, artist Dick Marvin. There, they are finished if necessary, using photo reference and some are worked up into larger paintings.

91 Halls Drive, Elora, Ontario  |

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