Julie Denneny

“Nature is good for the soul. Through my work, I aim to connect the outside to your inside. Be it a green and gold landscape in oils, a furry or feathered wild thing in pastel on board or paddles. I invite you to look and hear the crickets, enjoy the ever changing sky or some sweet little living being just looking to exist!”


Having received praise for drawings as a child I decided I wanted to “be an artist” now knowing, “ you just are one”. I feel being creative is a part of being human, each of us has a need to create and we regularly do. Every day we make a meal, a space, a unique way to solve a problem or a relationship its all creating in my mind. 

As a Graphic Artist & Marketing professional my career in small advertising agencies allowed me the experience and confidence to take on an entrepreneurial undertaking at the age of 24. Sideline creative adventures included designing logos, planning events, painting in acylics, making footstools, decorating and doing home renovations, making stained glass, and of course always snapping photos.

A love of oil painting developed after taking a few lessons in 2005 and as a reintroduction to taking fine art seriously after many years as a computer artist I submitted a piece into the Elora Tarot Card Project and has since regularly taken brush to canvas using her own photography as reference. More recently I’ve been drawing Canadian animals with charcoal and pastels on wood panels and paddles.

242 Princess Street, Elora, Ontario  |

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