Kathi Kuti Harding

Kathi Kuti Harding

Working full time in her studio, just 5 minutes south of Fergus, Kathi creates one of a kind, multi-medium art which includes whimsical miniature sculptures, paintings, fabric arts, jewellery and ornaments.

Kathi is currently concentrating on hand-sculpted, one of a kind, 1/12th scale, polymer clay characters. The hand-stitched costumes are made from an assortment of foreign, exotic, vintage or handmade cloth and accented with a variety of found objects.

Santas, entertainers, astrologers, scholars, woodland folk, flower girls, inhabitants of fairytales and anthropomorphic representations are some of the characters Kathi likes to create.

Paintings, fabric art, jewelry and unique ornaments are limited in number but available to customers not interested in miniatures. Working in multi-medium keeps the ideas fresh and flowing.

6086 Jones Baseline, Elora, Ontario  |  kathikuti.com

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