Laurie Stevenson Bullock


After being hit by two drunk driving crashes I live with pain daily.  Looking for an outlet of self-expression, I attended my first silversmithing class.  One class has led to 11 years of training, my own home studio and the creation of TruForm Jewelry Design.

Primarily working with sterling silver, copper, gold and semi-precious stones, my creations are sophisticated yet bold. I’ve also begun working with vintage family heirlooms such as trays, servers, etc of silver plate to create wonderful pieces of wearable family history!

Workshops are available at my home studio. I absolutely love watching new students create and be proud of their creations. Seeing others share the same joy in the craft is priceless.

As a child, I sold rocks from my gravel driveway….little did I know that as an adult, that fascination would turn to appreciation of stones and metals!  Only now do I understand the beauty and healing they provide, and silently smile each time my son brings a rock home to add to his collection.

I  am excited to be selling my pieces and sharing my creations with you.  Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions you may have – let’s collaborate and make something really special!

Many blessings,


6 Allen Drive, Belwood, Ontario  |

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