Melanie Morel


 Melanie started her weaving journey working primarily in natural fibres – alpaca, cotton, linen, mohair, silk and wool. This year’s creations include man made fibres, tencel and chenille, and synthetic novelty yarns.

It’s the year of stash busting, a fibre artist’s term for finding a place in your work for all the many yarns and odds and ends in your collection – the natural fibres you’ve always loved and all the found yarns from here and there: synthetics, sparkle and shine; embellished with beads and sequins.

It’s all about the sparkle and bling this year. Melanie is inspired by the sunlight on the icicles of winter; shadows from the trees; reflections of light on her studio walls; thoughts from her dreams.


15 Grandview Ave., Fergus, Ontario  |  melmorel@icloud.com

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