Michelle duQuesnay

Michelle duQuesnay (n. duQuesnay-Jones), a multi-disciplinary artist, graduated with a BFA (Honours) from OCAD University in Toronto. Her practice blends sculpture, woodworking, and photography, creating pieces that evoke wonder, invite exploration, and foster connection. Using traditional and modern techniques, she creates sculptural works that are decorative, functional, semi-functional, and wearable, each telling a unique story.
Michelle’s dedication to living harmoniously with nature profoundly influences her work, creating a cohesive narrative that reflects our connection to the natural world. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she is an active organic gardener dedicated to restorative methods and environmental stewardship, enhancing native biodiversity and the health of her woodlot.
Michelle was an elected member of the Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC) from 2011-2017 and served on the SSC Executive Board from 2011-2013. Her work is in private and corporate collections across Canada, the USA, EU, UK, and Australia.


254 First Line, Elora, Ontario  |  bronzed

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