Stephen Cole


Born in Wales and raised in Kincardine, Ontario, Stephen began painting in high school. He attended Sheridan College in Oakville with a diploma in Graphic Design. He has developed a successful career as a designer working all over the Toronto area. Although Graphic Design is his career he has never stopped painting. Creating art is his way of expressing thoughts and experiences. He travels the world and brings back inspiration from wherever he goes. He likes to create a sense of dimension and depth to his paintings, inviting the viewer to enter and explore. His choice of acrylic medium allows him to explore different techniques from soft washes to harsh brush strokes. His paintings are built like a stage, starting from the background and working up to the main players in the scene. He constantly strives to improve his technique while exploring a range of subjects.

“painting is a life long pursuit that does’t have a conclusion only new paths to explore.”

366 Union Street, Fergus, Ontario  |

The Pancho Maker
Great Blue Heron
Dancing Puffin
The Storm
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