Vicki Beverstein


Vicky has created windows, glass panels, sculptures, mosaics, light catchers, ornaments and jewelry for over 39 years.  Self taught, and continually evolving, Vicky’s work is often inspired by nature and people. Whether using glass that mimics the textures found in our natural environment or using geometry, text and figure to create pieces of art that form personal connections between her work and the observer, Vicky aims to create glass art that is relevant, usable and meaningful. Vicky incorporates many materials, tools and techniques into her varied portfolio of copper foiling, leading, kiln firing, slumping and fusing glass. Her work can be found inside and outside of homes, in gardens, windows and community spaces such as churches and offices throughout Canada and internationally.

Vicky’s work has been shown at many shows and tours throughout her career and her work is also owned by both private and corporate collectors.

Vicky teaches stained glass classes in her home studio and is open to inquiries. Both students and commissions are welcome.

102 Water Street t, Elora, Ontario  |

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