Claudia Lambert


My journey making pottery started over 20 years ago in Northern Ontario and quickly became the space where I recharged my mind and spirit. Initially, I searched high and low for “my style”, however, in time I realized that translating my observations of nature, thoughts and personal experiences onto clay was more important.  As such, the stories behind my designs morph as my personal experiences and observations increase. I continuously experiment with different clays, techniques, forms and glazes, and the results may go from organic, to old-world, to modern and anything in between! I fire my work mostly at mid-range temperatures, although over the years, I have dabbled in Rakú and high-temperature wood and gas firings, enjoying the camaraderie of the potters involved. Regardless of the clay, glaze or firing method, making pottery grounds me like no other art form.

Pottery is no only a means of communicating who I am or what is important to me. My work is also intended to provoke conversations.  I create and give “birth” to a piece, it then catches someone’s eye, and they begin their own conversation:  back and forth between what the piece has to offer, and the uses that a person wishes for it.  As my pottery becomes part of someone’s household, my hope is that my work becomes part of special moments as it sparks other conversations, be it as a serving bowl at a family dinner, a platter at a gathering with friends, or a tiny dish holding something precious. I don’t seek perfection. What I intend is to make unique pieces that tell a story and ”speak” to people

146 Garafraxa Steet, Fergus, Ontario  |  colibripottery

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