Erin Perry


My sculptures and drawings are psychological self-portraits.  I observe the constant negotiations and choices we make that inform our sense of identity. From these observations, I develop visual fictions of the self that are intuitive and subconsciously located.

In my creative process, I begin with questions that, over time, build into overwhelming concerns that must become materially manifest. Psychological entities are often translated or interpreted as biological distortions or flaws. This shift from the psychological to physical materiality shifts and expands meanings beyond individual portraiture.

I choose to mix organic materials such as hair, animal cartilage, and foods with traditional art mediums like paper, beeswax, and acrylics. Through material and sensory admixture – in sight, smells, and texture – I intend my work to hold together contradictions of desire/repulsion, comfort/discomfort, life/decay, and gravity/humour.

75 Melville St., Elora, Ontario  |

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