Maggie Vanderweit

Maggie Vanderweit

In textile shows across Canada and internationally, you will find the imaginative wall hangings of Maggie Vanderweit, created in her Stone Threads Textile Arts Studio, Fergus. In this purposely designed space, with glass doors giving onto trees and the Grand River, Maggie chooses fabrics, paints them, dyes them and quilts on her simple domestic sewing machine.

“I am inspired by my spiritual beliefs about why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing while we are here, and I hope my work conveys wonder and joy. I find the whole process of working with textiles meditative and invigorating and I feel most blessed to be able to teach and create”.

640 Colquhoun Street, Fergus, Ontario  |  stonethreads.ca

The Mystery of Thought (detail)
Maggie Vanderweit
Maggie Vanderweit
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